Need Help?

Below is a list of questions frequently asked by students.

Is USA Learns free?


Can I use USA Learns on my tablet?

Yes! You can use any kind of tablet with USA Learns: iPad, Android, Windows and others!

Can I use USA Learns on my phone?

You can try to use your phone, but some parts of the site will not work well. The site works best on computers, laptops, and tablets.

Does USA Learns provide teachers?

You do not need a teacher to use USA Learns. You can use the USA Learns site by yourself. USA Learns can not give you a teacher. If you have your own teacher, get the class key from them and enroll in your teacher’s class.

I learned English on the old USA Learns site. Where are my English lessons and scores?

We moved all student lessons and scores to the new site. If your scores do not appear, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

How do I change my information?

  1. From your My Home page select:
    • Change My Password, or
    • Change My Email, or
    • Change My Name
  2. Type in your new information
  3. Click the button to save.

If you change your password or your email address, write it down so you remember. You will need that to Sign In to USA Learns the next time!

The video is blank.

The videos may take up to a minute to appear, depending on your Internet connection.

Wait for a little bit and, if the video remains blank, try refreshing your page.

If you do not have a fast enough Internet connection the video may not play.

Are there USA Learns apps?

Yes! The USA Learns English Apps (1-4) are available at the AppStore and the Playstore.

The USA Learns English Apps are NOT the same as the site. The apps do not give scores. The apps are not connected to your USA Learns account. The apps activities can not be shared with a teacher. The apps are additional tools to help you learn English.

Below are questions from students who have a teacher.

Why won’t my class password work?

Ask your teacher for the class key. The class key will have 6 letters and/or numbers.

How can I enroll in my teacher’s class?

Ask your teacher for the class key. Enter the class key into USA Learns on your homepage, in the right column where it reads ‘Enroll in a class.’

You can enroll in your teacher’s class at any time, even if you’ve already completed some lessons.

  1. Ask your teacher for the class key.
  2. Select “Enroll in a class” in the right column of your homepage.
  3. Enter the class key into USA Learns.

The name of the teacher’s class will appear on your homepage and at the top of your lessons.

Your teacher will see the scores of the lessons you have completed.

What if I want to add another teacher’s class?

You can always add another teacher’s class. You will need the class key from that teacher.

Your scores will be seen by the teacher after you “Enroll in a class.”

How do I get a Class Key?

You need your own teacher. They will provide you with a class key.

Remember, you do not need a teacher to use USA Learns.

On the old site, I had more classes. Some classes were with a teacher and some were without a teacher.

On the new site, you can have one of each class — either with or without a teacher.

Do I need a class key to start another class?

You can start any of the courses by yourself. You do not need a class key to start a course.

If you want your teacher to see the scores, you will need the correct class key from your teacher.

I want to retake a class but it is still my teacher’s class. What should I do?

Your teacher will need to delete you from the class. Then you can retake it and redo the lessons.

I am using a tablet and I can not record my voice. What should I do?

USA Learns recommends that you use a laptop or a computer to use the “record” activities.

Tablets are not able to record your voice on a regular browser. As soon as USA Learns is able to make the recording work for tablets, it will happen!

If you want to record your voice, you will need to use a special browser that has Flash contained within it. You can search the AppStore and Playstore for “gaming browser,” “flash browser.”

Research the app before you install! USA Learns is not responsible for nor does it support other apps.

These questions and answers did not help me. Who can help me?

USA Learns is here to help you!

Please email and tell us what kind of a problem you are having. Describe the problem and give as many details as you can in the message so that we can help.