Why Ads? Why Ads?

USA Learns has been a free English learning website since it launched in 2008. The site has received no outside funding for several years, and yet we feel it is important that it remain a free resource for everyone to use.

Maintaining a site is expensive, and a few years ago USA Learns came to a crossroads, with two options. The site could be taken down and all related resources lost OR ads could be placed on a few pages to help with general maintenance costs. We chose the latter and, judging by the continued and growing use throughout the world, we feel the right decision was made.

We hope that the ads are not too distracting to our website visitors. We have tried to place them sparingly and tactfully. We also tried to select ads that are appropriate for an educational website.

Ads on USA Learns help to mitigate costs for site and server maintenance, allow for support to be provided to teachers and students when needed and, most important, enable us to improve and upgrade as new technologies emerge so that the USA Learns site remains a viable and usable resource.

The ads ensure that USA Learns will continue to be a free and current English learning tool for all of its users for the foreseeable future.

Click a few - you may find some relevant material that will be useful to you and your learning experience!

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

-USA Learns Team