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Learn English Vocabulary!

Do you want to learn beginning English vocabulary and practice English pronunciation? With the USA Learns English apps, you can use your phone, tablet or iPad to:

  • Watch videos from our popular 1st English course!
  • Practice listening to English vocabulary words.
  • Record your voice to practice speaking English and compare your voice to a native English speaker from the United States.
  • Improve your spoken English.

The apps provide excellent English vocabulary and speaking practice. The apps' activities provide extra practice and are separate from the USA Learns website.

Get the Apps!

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1st English Course Apps

USA Learns English 1
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USA Learns English 2
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USA Learns English 3
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USA Learns English 4
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"As an ESL teacher, I LOVE this app because I now can tell my English language learners that with this mobile version they can easily practice and improve their English. I particularly like the way a learner can record the word and hear it back. Finally an app that includes listening and speaking practice for intermediate and beginning learners, too!"

- Branka Marceta

Please note that the activities in the apps are not connected to the USA Learns website. Your scores and time spent will not display on the website, but they are a great way to practice your English.


Video Script

Welcome to the new USA Learns English Apps.

This app is for people who want to practice English on their phone or tablet. You can get it for your Android, iPhone, or iPad.

This new version has videos, new activities and all the English vocabulary words from the popular USA Learns website [food].

You can even record your voice to practice speaking English [holiday].

Let me show you how the USA Learns English App works.

As an example let's look at Unit 8, Celebrations. Here we can see and hear the learning goals for this unit [In this unit you will learn words for holidays and parties.]. Which topic should we try?

Let's do Holidays and Parties.

Get ready to watch a video to learn some new English vocabulary words [Okay class, I want to ask you a question.].

Even if you already know many of these words, practice is always a good thing [holiday].

Now, let's learn some new English vocabulary words about holidays and celebrations.

Here are just a couple of words from this unit [birthday, birthday]. If you need more practice click the star. You'll get to practice that word again later [food].

After you practice all the words, you can check what you learned. You can even see your score. If you need more practice we'll let you know.

Here's a new activity that lets you practice listening [party].

Do you need to practice speaking in English? Just listen to the English word [holiday] then record your voice [holiday]. Compare your voice with the English speaker to see how you did [holiday] [holiday].

And here's the concentration game. See if you can match the English vocabulary words with the pictures.

Once you complete an entire unit you can log on to Facebook to share your progress with your friends.

As you progress you'll see some check marks that let you know if you've completed that topic or unit.

Thank you for exploring the USA Learns English Apps. Click on the links below to be taken to the App Store or Google Play Store to download your copy of the Apps now.